Swan Princess Teepee Party

PRICE: 50$ per teepee/tent with accessories , 20$ extra per mattress.

A minimum rent of 4 teepees/tents is required.

“Swan Princess teepee party” theme, would be the obvious choice for the little girls that like the stories with golden magic apples and swans that transforms into princes overnight.
A magic evening or a magic night is conjured by watery psychedelic shades of light waving over the blankets and teepees, and rainbow changing colors clouds lanterns.
Elegant swans rest on flower shape cousins transformed by the power of the golden fruits.
You can opt for comfortable mattresses if you plan a sleepover party or you can choose only our cozy blankets and the glamorous cushions. Either way your girl’s slumber party and the time spent under our MINY WORLD tents or teepees will be magical. Leave it up to us to organise the birthday party you’ve always wanted to throw but didn’t have the time to DIY! We want to make it simple for you: we come to your place, set up the decor and return the next day to collect. Any other requirements?! We are here to help!

Aside the mattresses which are optional, this theme includes:

– Exclusive handcrafted teepees in assorted high-quality fabrics
– Cozy blankets
– Decorative cushions
– Breakfast trays
– Decorative swans, decorative golden fruits, leaves, and butterflies
– Twinkle light sets unicorn shape and individual night lamps(battery operated)
– Personalized lamp with birthday girl’s name(battery operated)
– Rotating LED Strobe Bulb(battery operated)
– Cotton triangle garlands
– Decorative floor carpet

Tips and notes:

* If you need entertainment, one of our team members or our collaborators can pamper your guest, create labs or other creative activities and bring good humor, for an extra charge. Make sure you include your note in the booking form and we will discuss the option when we’ll contact you.
* Setup and collection (assembly and dismantling) are included. Delivery is included in the price for a distance under 25 Km from our address (J7V 9V7). Longer distances than our mentioned areas will add an additional delivery fee(75 cents/Km).
* The mattresses have fitted cotton sheets and waterproof and bugs protection.
* Guests bring their own pillow for hygiene reasons.
* Read our terms and conditions to find out more details about the hiring.


When you rent a tent/teepee themed package with mattresses for minimum 4 guests including the birthday child you can rent our SPA GLAMOUR set per child at 10$ each.