Work/Play station Dollhouse From 350

Just one rule: No rules! If your kids want to play with their toys or if they want to do their homework, this is the perfect play/work station. While toys are watching or helping, homework goes faster. The seahorse under the desk is an extremely cute accent and the toys playhouse from aside so ingenious. This model was special created for a little client. You can check more decorations for the same bedroom right here.
Feel free to order one for your kid in the same color or the one that you want.
You can order any color from the BEHR palette. This way, you will have a personalized item just for your kid.


Top table: up to L 183cm(72in) x smaller D 30.5cm(12in)/ larger D 40.6cm(16in)
Dollhouse under the desk: W66.04cm(26in) x H 50.8cm(20in) x D 28.6cm (11.25in)
The dimensions of the painted house: W 66.04cm(26in), H 116.2cm(47.75in)

You will receive the stencils for the windows and for the roof, along with the assembling instructions.

Write me your preferences, in the message box below. I will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the details of the design and transport.
Thank you for your trust and the appreciation of MINY WORLD’s products.

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