The Sailor’s Shop – Kiosk, handmade wooden play structure

CAD $ 497.00

The kiosk can serve as a home playhouse, candy station, which can be decorated and used as a prop and a play space to animate the kids to a party or other festive event.
The sign is totally customizable to suits best your kid’s personality and his favorite play. You also get three wooden baskets for the shelves.
The colors are nordic translucid white and plain white. The baskets are always white. There can be also slight modifications in the baskets constructions that will be clarified with the client if necessary. Both colors have a protective layer of varnish. This toy could be used in interior and exterior also but is not recommended to be left in the rain, because the humidity can affect the wood and the joints’ system – the wooden bolts and nuts.
The fabric texture for canopy will be discussed with each client since we don’t keep large stocks of fabric and since we like to customize.
Dimensions: W:36″X H:51″X D:28″
Delivery: Ready to be dispatched in 3 to 5 weeks.



For the handmade wooden toys’ lovers and for the ones who believe in the value of sustainability, this could be one of the most beautiful play space for kids. It has a unique design system, specific to MINY WORLD’s wooden toys by using for its entire assembly wooden bolts and nuts only, easy and safe to handle for the kids 3 years old and more.
It can be mounted and dismantle as many times as you want without affecting the toy and it can be stored in tiny places waiting for future generations because this is a toy you’ll want to keep forever.
Aside from the durability aspect and the fact, the wood is a biodegradable material and much safer than plastic or other materials, we want to refer to the educational benefits. Not only improves manual skills, but logical thinking also.
Moreover, it seems that shopping is fun for kids also, not only for the parents. Our Sailor’s Shop encourages pretend play and social awareness.

Like all the other items executed in MINY WORLD’s workshop this beautiful kiosk for kids is not only to buy but to hire also. We are here for you with many creative ideas, ready to help and advise you on the best we could.
Write to us for any inquiries, we’ll get to you as soon as we could.

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    Additional information

    Weight 25 kg
    Dimensions 133 × 46 × 46 cm