Little airplane shelf

CAD $ 80.00

MINY WORLD little airplane is made from wood and is coated with white mineral oil without any chemicals added. If you can choose the uncoated wood option if you plan to paint it yourself. And, if you want us to personalize it for you, write to us in the message box, below. We will discuss the details and provide you with a cote

Every day is a new adventure and a new dream!

30”(76.2 cm) x 6.5”(16.5 cm) x 6.5”(16.5 cm)
Weight: 1.2 Kg

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This is a versatile piece of furniture, a shelf, a toy, and splendid vintage decoration for your kids’ room.
Adventurer or a dreamer, baby, or already in school you could say it has the style of your child.

Thank you for choosing our handmade products. MINY WORLD is constantly searching for eco-friendly solutions, using durable, recyclable materials and reducing waste.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 77 cm