Noah’s Playroom – interior design ideas

Noah’s playroom – interior design ideas

You should know Noah! Cute little 17-month-old, with his gorgeous smile and determination to do whatever he could think of. He knows do give Hi5! Yes!

This playroom was a real challenge!

A beautiful space, larger than 14 X 14 feet, and that gave us a little headache when we had to build the structure for the swings.
Noah has to share the playroom with his two older sisters and of course with their friends.

So, I thought of designing something for everyone:

A workspace, a drawing or a play area with two tables and two chairs, for the girls, a smaller portable table that can overlap on Noah’s car when he wants to drive and draw at the same time. How good it is to be a child, isn’t it?

What else? A playhouse with a cozy mattress and two cushions, and a big blackboard for chalk drawings, two dollhouses, lighted from the inside, for storage with doors shaped like old buildings facades, and a bar, a coffee shop, or any other market that kids want to imagine.
Every dedicated piece of furniture, the chairs or the car, was personalized with the kid’s name apart from the shop’s canopy which has the family name on it. That will bring everybody together around the bar area.
Actually, the whole wall was designed like a street from downtown that can offer a home to stay, a theater, a shop, a mall, giving the kids tools to imagine the whole scene of a family and friends’ day to spend together.

Moving a little bit on the left, we find the real deal for Noah. Going to work, training for the space mission to save the animals from the Earth and to bring them to a safe place on another orbit. The hommock in a shape of an aircraft capsule, the space observer station, and the training swings and ladder will bring the boy on another level of playing, with more interesting adventures.

Animals are also part of Noah’s preferences, so I let myself be inspired by Noah’s Ark story and bring a few animals inside, through the carpet and on the wall: the wooden seahorse marked with inches to show the body measurements in time.

Timeless toys

A quality play needs a quality toy, and I find the wood the best choice because of its durability, and the fact that can be transmitted to generations. 90% of the furniture was designed especially for this room and was handmade in MINY WORLD’s workshop. Like every post I write, I will always invite you to let yourself be inspired and to ask for my help when you need it. I serve in the Montreal area and suburbs, but anywhere outside we can find a common ground, a way to work digitally, through computer-assisted programs. Like this, I can provide you with a 3D project and renderings and you can DIY or find a contractor to make the furniture part. Some of the toys and furniture can be made in our workshops and we can deliver them to you by mail.

Write me and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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