Smart tips to update your kids rooms on a Budget

Do you wonder when it’s time to redo the design in your kids’ bedroom who does not have 8 years old anymore?

At 14 the perceptions about life changes, but not so much. Irene, my daughter, cannot give up yet on her Monster High dolls nor her bed, which Santa Claus himself has brought to her.
What are we going to do? We’re changing the whole design or just a little bit of decoration … especially since the budget was not planned for a radical change.
I made my way to the fabric store, I bought a white polyester fabric with silk aspect, a textile dye bottle, and I switched to handmade mood. A beautiful blue-marine degrade made with some patience has brought us a lot of satisfaction. I bought a lavender wreath and a few other flowers that I combined and put them on the top of the canopy. Several bohemian pillows, a water fountain, and a few more flowers gave a boho style to our space. The fixture that I hand-made a while ago and talked about on the Miny World blog along with the walls painting that we kept how it was, completed the room style and brought inside a mysterious, romance air.
How did I solve the bed problem? Simple 🙂 I left it the way it was, but on the wall, we hung twinkle-lights garlands and photographs from the time when Irene was 6-10 years old to keep up with the childish look of the bed. Intentionally, to underline the past time, we printed them in Polaroid format. On top of the moldings, upon the walls, we exhibit some fashion sketches so the Monster High dolls fit in the space.
Irene loves her new reading corner. The new ADO aspect of her room makes her feel in the right place at the right age.
I’m really looking forward to hearing from you if you want tips for redecorating the rooms whether it’s a completely new design or you want a redecorating that adapts to your child’s age. Regardless of the budget, we will always find great solutions.