Kids world in Montreal and Vaudreuil area

“Creative children become brilliant adults”

I think about creativity like a complex sense. It could be cultivated, enriched in order to achieve harmony, balance, intelligence, joy.. Creativity makes us aware of who we are and the things that surround us, provides us with freedom and attitude in life.

In raising and educating children, the space that surrounds them is of a great importance. The comfort of the environment and the harmony is a result of well planned design of their space: the decorations for their rooms, the colour of the walls, the bed where they sleep, the desk where they do their homework, the furniture and all the accessories, the playhouse from the garden and so on…

Interior design for children’s bedroom is fun. As Ursula K. Le Guin said – “The creative adult is the child who survived” – the same thing about the designer; the passion for design and the dedication for children are important, but also is that, inside of him, he has to keep the heart of a child: act like one, play with the colors and shapes, be happy and laugh often whenever he draws. I consider myself lucky because I had help. Irene, my daughter, inspired me all the way since I began my journey along with the kids. More than five years as an art and creativity teacher, also reminded me of how it’s like to be a child. And then, five years in a Faculty of Design followed by more than 17 years of experience in the field, gave me the certainty that I am on the right track.
Every child is unique, with his/her own personality. Respecting them, feeling their interior resort and put all the effort to conceive the world where they find themselves, is the key to a happy, comfortable childhood, a safe place to grow and create a life that makes them happy.

Kids world in Montreal and Vaudreuil area

If you want to offer your children a place like this if you are searching for things to define their personality “Miny World” could be your children’s world. Together we’ll create the comfort of a space where they can play safely, develop their creativity, explore life and grow happily.

Miny World team is offering you the following services: interior design for the children’s bedrooms and playrooms, furniture, accessories, creative toys, creativity classes, decorations and exterior design for their playspace as well as hiring party items sets for teepee parties, slumber parties, sleepover parties and other celebrating events dedicated to children.

“Miny World” – the Kids world in Montreal and Vaudreuil area is, above all, a concept developed especially for children. It comes with an interesting interactive project; CREATIVITY CORNER is the place where children meet creativity. They can make friends, they learn how to work together as a team, and they will have the chance to involve their loving parents, grandparents, siblings or friends in DIY projects.

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